MJ Health Database

  • MJ Health Resource Center is responsible for the storage and management of three major health databases on behalf of the MJ Group – MJ Health Survey Data, MJ Biodata and MJ Biobank. To ensure data quality and accuracy, each database has its dedicated analytics professional to direct its regular maintenance and routine operations. Furthermore, the three databases are updated on a regular basis to ensure they always provide the richest and most complete data to their users.

MJ Health Survey Data

  • Health Survey Database is an important resource for population-based prospective cohort studies. The current health questionnaire for clients in Taiwan consists of 134 multiple choice questions, which are divided into 5 areas: basic personal information, family medical history, current health status, life style, and dietary habits. Since 1996, extensive data has been collected from health screening clients and stored in the health survey database at MJ Health Resource Center. Family/corporate clusters and long term follow-ups are some of the defining characteristics of health survey database.

MJ BioData

  • Electronic health record has been in use at MJ health screening center since 1994, which gave MJ Biodata database its longitudinal nature. The Biodata database currently contains numerical or text results from over 100 health screening items, including anthropometric measurements, blood glucose/lipids, liver/kidney/lung functions, bone density, tumor markers, thyroid function, hs-CRP, fecal occult blood test, ear/nose/throat, vision, EKG, ultrasound, X-rays and gynecological exams. Linkage between biodata and health survey data can be requested when conducting statistical analysis. 

MJ BioBank

  • In addition to the Health Survey and Biodata databases, MJ Health Resource Center currently operates the first private biobank approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan. The initial collection started in 2002 and ended in 2008, resulted in over 800,000 blood-based samples derived from over 70,000 individuals representing over 90,000 unique health screening visits. Samples are divided into serum, plasma, buffy coat and stored in -80°C freezers.

Code Book

  • MJ Biodata Codebook  Excel
  • MJ Health Survey Data Codebook  Word 


Pseudo Data

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